Wheat Egg and Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


If you have a love for those little chunks of loveliness that are more commonly known as chocolate chips cookies, but you want to steer clear of sugar, wheat and eggs, then this wheat egg and sugar free chocolate chip cookie recipe  is the one for you.

mummy me time

Finding Mummy Me Time In A Busy Home #NYR13


I know that most mothers think it’s just an urban legend or a myth made up by crazy people, but even in a very busy home, there are ways to find mummy me time so you can recharge, replenish and reinvigorate yourself as a hard working mummy,

Let me show you are few ways to do it in Naturally You Radio Episode 13

9 Reasons Black Women Should Give Up Dairy

I love ice cream.


Even when it’s the middle of a freezing winter, I can get through half a tub before the end of a commercial break.


As a child, my mum’s macaroni cheese and basically any margarita pizza were my all time favourite foods, mainly due to the creamy, saltiness of the cheese.


When my cousins went home to Grenada and brought back balls of cocoa, I could hardly wait to grate them into a pot of semi skimmed milk and sugar to make hot chocolate with.


When I became a coffee lover, it was frothy coffee (Capuccino to you fancy folk) that I loved most, followed by a coffee made with no water, just milk.


Sunday mornings in many Caribbean homes wasn’t complete without condense milk being poured into cornmeal porridge and the black fruit cake at Christmas had to be swimming in single cream.


So it’s safe to say I was a lover of dairy in most forms.


Apart from school milk!!!!! I was NEVER, I repeat NEVER a fan of those little cold bottles of milk at school and refused to drink it, to the point where my mum had to send me in with orange juice to replace it. I was probably the only person who was happy when Margret Thatcher took it away.


But milk and all the processed pasteurised dairy products I’ve consumed over the years were slowly stunting my health, wellbeing and health goals.

5 Life Changing Quotes From Life Changing Women NYR#12

My brother Julian Hall The Ultrapreneur once said “It’s more important to practice what you post, than to simply post”, in response to the recent growing trend on social networks to find and post motivational quotes daily, without every following the advice in them.

Well the 5 life changing quotes I’m going to share with you in Episode 12 of Naturally You Radio, are ones that I urge you to put into practice, if you want the rest of your life to be the best of your life.

3 Non Alcoholic Party Drinks Recipes

With Dec 31st just round the corner, there’s likely to be alcohol flowing at every turn if you’re seeing 2017 in at a party. But if you don’t fancy getting legless this New Years, why not try one of these 3 simple & delicious non alcoholic party drinks to clink to instead, taken from my book Leah’s Raw Food Feast.

5 Gifts To Help You Become Naturally You In 2017

With 2017 upon us, you may be thinking how you can make some big, juicy, positive changes to help create a happier, healthier year for yourself.

To help give you the best start to 2017, here are 5 gifts I’d like to share with you.

FTUK Magazine Out Now

FTUK Magazine Is The UK’s newest health and fitness magazine & it’s available with FREE SHIPPING from The Naturally You Coach Store NOW !!!

Hi Naturally You Friends!!!

I’ve been in the natural health and wellness game for over 13 years and in that time I’ve seen my fair share of health and fitness magazines.

To be honest, it began to feel like if I’d seen one i’d seen them all.

And then came FTUK

I Am A Gift, I Can Change The World – A Documentary

28 months ago (yep 2 years and 4 months), I held the 2nd Naturally You Day in Deptford Lounge, South East London and it was great!!!

Since then, time, technology, logistics and finances have stopped me from seeing any of the footage from the day, until a few days ago, when the creative genius that is Christopher Icha from JetBlakInc emailed me a link to this beautifully edited documentary of the day.

Super Black Foods For Super Black Health

Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking at the Black History Studies expo called “New Year New You” on the topic of


“Super Black Foods = Super Black Health – Creating future wellness from ancient wisdom”


During the talk, I spoke on:

HairStories UK 2016 Ujima Event Review

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the first ever HairStories UK event from Ujima and it was great!!!!