HairStories UK 2016 Ujima Event Review

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the first ever HairStories UK event from Ujima and it was great!!!!

natural healthy afro hair

Are You Starving Your Hair? (Full Workshop)

Did you know that the best thing you can do to grow natural healthy afro hair is to change your diet?

Did you know that a delicious healthy whole food diet can help you grow thick strong natural healthy afro hair?

Did you know that there are 19 foods, drinks and herbs you can add to you diet to help prevent hair loss, thinning, shedding, dry scalp, dandruff and more?

Check out the recording of my latest workshop at Ujima’s HairStories 2016 to find out more!!!


foods to eat for healthy hair

Natural Ways To Nourish Your Hair From The Inside Out NYR#11


Did you know that there are foods to eat for healthy hair?

Did you know that simple additions to your diet can help you grow strong healthy hair?


Do you want to know 3 foods to eat more of to nourish your hair from the inside out?


Well check out the latest episode of Naturally You Radio


3 Natural Ways To Improve Bad Behaviour In Children

Bad behaviour in children is very often nothing to do with bad parenting, spoilt children, neglect or the child just simply being ‘bad breed’. Normally, bad behaviour in children is a result of 3 thing being out of balance. So before you or anyone else labels your child ‘bad’, check out the video.

tired all the time

5 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time & How To Fix Them

Are you are feeling tired all the time, from the moment you wake up, even after a good night’s sleep? Are you tired all day even when you haven’t had a very busy day? PLEASE don’t ignore it!!!

Being tired all the time, to the point of exhaustion at times, can seriously effect your quality of life. You can become a grumpy parent who snaps all the time or a less affectionate loving spouse or partner.  You can become less sociable, less productive at work & less motivated to help your community. Worst of all you can become less focused on your dreams and goals and drift away from being Naturally You, which is being nourished and fulfilled on every level.

naturally boost iron

How To Naturally Boost Your Iron Even While Pregnant NYR#10


Have you been diagnosed with anaemia?

Do you get light headed, dizzy, tired, have headaches, low energy, cold hands and feet often?

Have you been told you could have low iron levels?

Well check out this episode of Naturally You Radio , so you can naturally boost iron levels in your body to get you back on track naturally, even during pregnancy!!!

Rise In Eternal Power Dr Sebi


Yesterday we heard the shocking news that our elder, healer and brother Dr Sebi died in hospital in Hondouras. We are still getting more details of the circumstances surrounding his passing, but for now I just want to pay respects to this great man and thank him for his contribution to all the work we do as natural health coaches.


mango chia pudding

Raw Vegan Mango Chia Pudding (Video)


Spice up breakfast times or add a new dessert to your menu with this delicious mango chia pudding recipe, which has just 3 main ingredients and masses of taste


vegan chocolate sauce recipe

Delicious sugar Free Vegan Chocolate Sauce Recipe (Video)

With just 3 ingredients, this recipes take a minute to make and tastes amazing, plus it’s vegan and sugar free!!!!




fun learning activities for kids

19 Fun Interesting & Educational Things To Do With Your Children NYR#9

If you’re looking for some fun, interesting and educational things to do with your children, check out this episode of Naturally You Radio to find out more!!!