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What side can I eat instead of pasta and rice? (Video)

Greetings Lovelies!!!

A common question I get from clients is how they can replace the rice, pasta and grain thats would normally be their side dish or accompany many meals, when they want to stop consuming so much of those foods.

In this video, I share some suggestions that you can try, plus a brief description of how I make our black bean stew.

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Much love, take care & stay healthy


Please comment below with your favourite grain free side or meal accompaniment, I’d love to hear from you!!!


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Much love, Take care and stay healthy

Take care and stay healthy


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About the Author: Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach, is a bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist, live blood analyst and life coach, focused on womb & pregnancy health and premature birth prevention & on a mission to help 100,000 black women to eat for health, think for happiness and live in harmony by 2020 or what she calls Becoming Naturally You. She does this through her clinic, books, programs, coaching, events, workshops, videos, articles and a free weekly ezine.

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  1. Ntathu Allen

    The black bean stew sounds yummious. Thanks for the reminder to switch up my diet!

  2. Lyle Alvarez

    well, black bean stew – I never tried as I am avid lover of pasta and rice. However, after watching recipe, I couldn’t control myself to try it. Thanks for this post Leah.

  3. Leah Salmon

    you’re welcome sis, it is yummy 🙂

  4. Leah Salmon

    you’re welcome Lyle!

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