What Can I Do With Papaya Seeds?

Greetings lovelies!!!

Today we are paying homage to an absolute super food – Papaya, in particular papaya seeds!!!

Not only is this soft, pretty pink fruit packed with vitamin C and A, it’s also noted to be helpful for reducing diabetes, excess cholesterol and eases period pain. It’s been used as a meat tenderizer for years as it also contains papain, a digestive enzyme with helps break down protein, which can also help your body digest proteins too.


I love eating papaya on it’s own or adding it to a fruit salad topped with nut cream. I’m the only fan of it in my house, so I don’t get it that often, but I got asked a question when I posted a picture of it on my Facebook page asking: 


Leah, do you do anything with the papaya seeds?

papaya seeds


Great question! So I thought I’d answer in the quick video below


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