5 Tips To Create Awesome New Year’s Resolutions

Goal setting, affirmations and vision boards are things I like to create and update all throughout the year, not just New Years Resolution.

But I also now that many of us are going to make New Years Resolution, so here are some tips to make them awesome, so that they are easy to stick to long term.


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What Is Naturally You & How To Become It?

For the past 11yrs, in one way or another, I’ve had one goal

And that was to help everyone I worked with become Naturally You

Everything I do is focused on helping you become naturally you, from the articles, books, podcasts, talks and events I create, to the advice and coaching I give private clients.


The Naturally You coaching programs, the Becoming Naturally You Book, the Naturally You Magazine and more are all doing the same thing and it’s helped thousands of people over the years.


But what IS becoming NATURALLY YOU?


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My favorite Herbal Medicine Books (Video)

On my journey to healing myself from the metrorraghia as a teenagers, herbal remedies played a big part in my life.

When  I started working with clients to help them naturally improve their health, studying herbal medicine gave me the tools to add the healing power of herbs to the recommendations I gave.

As a parent, I’ve used herbs from pregnancy to puberty, to keep our littles ones naturally healthy.

And in so many more ways, I’ve found herbs to be just, well, awesome!


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How To Naturally Boost Your Iron Even While Pregnant NYR#10


Have you been diagnosed with anaemia?

Do you get light headed, dizzy, tired, have headaches, low energy, cold hands and feet often?

Have you been told you could have low iron levels?

Well check out this episode of Naturally You Radio , so you can naturally boost iron levels in your body to get you back on track naturally, even during pregnancy!!!


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How To Make Irish Moss Gel

Irish moss smoothies have become a daily treat for us (as long as I blend it properly and we’re not faced with lumps of it in our cups :-). There are some many uses and health benefits from this superfood of the sea, which I’ll go into more in a future post, but for now, this is a quick video to show you how to actually make Irish moss gel at home, that you can then easily use in your smoothies, puddings, ice creams and more.


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The One Take Myth That’s Ruining Your Life – NYR #3

“Hi and welcome to another episode of Naturally You Radio helping you create a nourished life. I’m your host Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach and today I want to share with you a myth that I want to crush that’s holding a lot of us back from being as crazy, sexy and cool as we all should be quite frankly in all areas of our lives. I am an 80’s baby TLC song titles still resonate with me. Hi five to all the 80’s baby out there!” Read & listen to the whole show below


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