Top 3 Iron Rich Foods & Herbs (video)

Greetings Lovelies!!

With over 25% of the population, especially women and children, being deficient in iron, it’s so important to discover the natural ways to boost your iron levels, especially with foods and herbs,

There are so many foods and herbs that are iron rich, but in today’s video i’m sharing just 3 for you to get started with, that I’ve seen and experienced boost iron levels naturally.



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What Can I Do With Papaya Seeds?

Greetings lovelies!!!

Today we are paying homage to an absolute super food – Papaya, in particular papaya seeds!!!

Not only is this soft, pretty pink fruit packed with vitamin C and A, it’s also noted to be helpful for reducing diabetes, excess cholesterol and eases period pain. It’s been used as a meat tenderizer for years as it also contains papain, a digestive enzyme with helps break down protein, which can also help your body digest proteins too.


I love eating papaya on it’s own or adding it to a fruit salad topped with nut cream. I’m the only fan of it in my house, so I don’t get it that often, but I got asked a question when I posted a picture of it on my Facebook page asking: 


Leah, do you do anything with the papaya seeds?

papaya seeds


Great question! So I thought I’d answer in the quick video below


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5 Tips For A Natural Healthy Pregnancy

Having had 7 pregnancies in just over 12yrs, I’ve experienced the highs and lows that this magical time can bring, Even though there are no gurantees, there are so many things we can do to increase our chances of having a healthy pregnancies and in this video, I share just 5 of them


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Can Your Period Make You Anaemic?

Anaemia is a condition that effects over 4 million people in the UK, 25% of the population worldwide and is very common in the black community, especially among women and children, but sisters, can your period make you anaemic?

The quick definition of anaemia, is when you don’t have enough red blood cells (which cary oxygen around your body) for many reason, to meet your body’s needs.

Anaemia can result in tiredness, lethargy, lack of concentration, growth defects, shortness of breath, heart problems and if left untreated it could even be fatal.

As it effect black women and girls from 11yrs more than most, in the video below, I’m sharing:

  • What is anemia?
  • A bit about the different types of anemia
  • How to know if you have anaemia by recognising the symptoms
  • What causes anaemia?
  • Can your period make you anaemic?
  • What to do if you do have anaemia?



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