Pau D’arco Tea Bags – 28 Double Brew Unbleached Plastic Free Tea Bags


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Pau D’Arco is a tree native to the Amazon rainforest and other tropical regions of South and Central America.

The bark of the tree has been used for generations in many ways and is said to be anti – cancer, anticandida and anti-parasitic.

Other uses for Pau D’Arco include diabetes, ulcers, stomach inflammation (gastritis), liver ailments, asthma, bronchitis, joint pain, hernias, boils and wounds. Some people see Pau D’Arco as a “tonic and blood builder.” It is also used to treat anemia.

I routinely drink this tea during my cleanses

Ingredients: 100% pau d’arco loose herb, unbleached plastic free tea bag

Suggested Use: Place 1 bag into 300mls hot water , stir and steep for 3-5 mins. Remove bag and place in another 300mls of hot water, stir and steep for 5-7mins to make second cup.

To use later, after first use, store in fridge covered in water for up to 12hrs, then place in 300mls boiling water, stir well and steep for 5-7mins.


Suggested Dosage: Drink 1-2 cups a day, 4-8 week supply




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