Natracare Super Ultra Pads With Wings – 12 Pads


Natracare Super Ultra Pads With Wings – 12 Pads

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Natracare products are a direct response to health and environmental concerns. Dioxin pollution from chlorine bleaching and pesticides in conventional cotton are a major worry. Be part of the solution and join the revolution without rayon and plastic in period products.

✔ Organic Cotton  ✔ Plastic-Free  ✔ Chlorine-Free  ✔ Compostable

Plastic-free and totally chlorine-free, they do not contain rayon, latex, chemical additives, fragrances or dyes. An ecologically certified absorbent cellulose core locks away menstrual fluid to keep you dry, and a soft organic cotton cover allows your skin to breathe. Many gynaecologists recommend Natracare for women with sensitive skin.

Did you know conventional menstrual pads are made up of 90% plastic materials?! This is why in 1989, we developed the world’s first range of natural menstrual products, and we have been perfecting them ever since. Take a look at our 3 different ranges of pads, all offering high quality protection which keeps your skin free from synthetic materials and unwanted chemicals.

Our slimline Ultra Pads are discreet, comfortable and reliable. They have wings to help them fit securely, and are individually wrapped in biodegradable purse packs for convenience.

  • Soft certified organic cotton cover
  • Absorbent cellulose core to keep you dry
  • Waterproof plant-based back
  • No plastic
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Totally chlorine free
  • Biodegradable & compostable

Pad: Certified organic cotton, ecologically-certified cellulose pulp, corn starch, non-toxic glue.
Wrapper: Compostable cellulose, compostable starch film.

This product is the Natracare Super Ultra Pads with Wings – 12 pads per pack


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