Clipper Organic Nettle Tea – 20 bags


Clipper Organic Nettle Tea Infusion

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Clipper Organic Nettle Tea are made with pure ingredients and a clear conscience.  It is naturally caffeine free and natural, fair and delicious. A light, distinctive and refreshing infusion which provides a clean flavour with subtle grassy notes.

Traditionally, nettles have been used for centuries both as a food and to purify, cleanse and restore.

Commonly known as a painful stinging weed, the young leaves of the nettle plant produce a surprisingly refreshing infusion. Nettle is known to have a wealth of therapeutic applications but is principally known for its diuretic properties.

Nettle tea is a powerhouse of nutrients and can be used to naturally boost your health in so many ways including:

  • A nutrient rich tonic
  • Restorative after illness
  • Useful in osteoporosis
  • Can help to lower blood pressure
  • A diuretic
  • Very high in calcium and magnesium, so pregnant mothers can nourish themselves and this babies
  • Can help to stabilise blood glucose levels in diabetics
  • To replace iron lost in heavy or long periods


Nettle Tea For Children

Nettle tea is so nutritious, it can literally be used as a daily nutrient rich drink, just like you’d use a multivitamin supplement. As it best for children to get the bulk of their nutrients naturally, a daily nettle tea, sweetened with a little honey or maple syrup if necessary, can ensure they keep their bones, teeth, nails and body strong.


nettle tea


Directions – Enjoy 1-2 cups a day, made by placing a nettle tea bag (all tea bags are unbleached) into a mug of approximately 200mls of boiling water Let it sit and infuse for 5mins then enjoy.

You can also add 3 tea bags to a large glass jar of warm water with a lid, shake it gently then let it infuse through the night or for at least 5hrs. This will create a string infusion, which you can dilute with (and warm up) with hot water and drink through the day.


An infusion will last 24hrs in the fridge.


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