Bio-kult Advanced Multi-Strain Formula 60 caps


Bio-Kult Multi-Strain Probiotic Formula 60 capsule supplement

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The original multi-strain Bio-Kult product containing 14 strains of probiotics for everyday use.

Bio-Kult is a unique multispecies, multi-strain probiotic supplement with 14 strains of beneficial bacteria. This means that Bio-Kult can deliver high concentrations of beneficial bacteria to the colonisation sites in the gut – and therefore be able to help a more diverse range of digestive disorders.


Biokult can help relieve symptoms of:

  • Constipation
  • IBS
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Autism
  • Antibiotic Associated Diarrhoea
  • Travel Diarrhoea
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Stress
  • Eczema
  • Atopic Dermatisis and more


The beneficial bacteria in Bio-Kult are cryoprotected during the freeze drying process, which gives two main benefits:
1. They are protected from the harsh acid environment of the stomach and are therefore able to colonise the full length of the gastrointestinal tract.
2. The process allows Bio-Kult to be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration.

Directions for use: 1-2 capsules once or twice daily with food or as recommended by your doctor or healthcare practitioner. Bio-Kult capsules can be pulled apart and the contents sprinkled onto food mixed with a drink or swallowed whole.

If you are taking antibiotics: Take 4 capsules daily ideally at a different time of day from antibiotics. Continue taking for at least 2 weeks after completion of the antibiotic course.

For travellers: 1 week before travel follow guidelines for general use. During travel take 4 capsules daily. Continue to take for at least 1 week following the end of travel.

Children under 12: Half adult dose.

Why does my Bio-Kult have dark specks?

The Bio-Kult formula consists of just cellulose and the 14 probiotic strains. The probiotic bacteria are naturally ‘speckled’ in colour, and this may be seen in a Bio-Kult capsule. If darker specks cannot be seen, it does not mean there is no probiotic bacteria in your capsule – it just means there is not a gathering of bacteria in one area of the capsule.


Strength Minimum 2 billion probiotic microorganisms per capsule (2×109 CFU/capsule), equivalent to 10 billion probiotic microorganisms per gram (1×1010 CFU/gram)


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 Get started on your probiotic journey to better gut health today with Bio-Kult


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