Are You Starving Your Afro Hair?


19 Ways To Eat & Drink Your Way To A Nourished Scalp & Enriched Hair


***Replay Of Live Online Talk***

“Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off”


Even though it may not feel like it, our hair has the potential to grow 6 inches a year or about ½ inch a month, but how thick and healthy that hair grows and how much of that length we’re able to retain depends on many factors.


Age, genetics, environment and underlying health conditions can all impact the health, length and appearance of your hair and scalp and most of these can be challenging or virtually impossible to do much about.


But if you feel your hair isn’t as healthy as you’d like, it is possible that the one factor you can control needs some help, which is your diet.


And just like all other cells in your body, your hair cells are being fed and growing from the food you eat and it’s possible to influence the health of your hair and scalp with your diet.


So if:

  • Your hair feels dry and brittle
  • Your scalp is dry, flaking & itching
  • You feel your hair’s stopped growing
  • It sheds and breaks too much
  • You want stronger healthier hair


Access this online course called:

Are You Starving Your Afro Hair?

This is a replay of a live online event held on Tues 27th Oct 2020, during which I shared:

  • My hair story
  • Signs that your hair is being starved
  • How your scalp health effects your hair health
  • 19 foods & drinks for healthy hair
  • What else we need for healthy nourished hair
  • & much more

This course comes with a handout and links for resources mentioned during the event.

Any questions? Please visit my contact page or email


Testimonies from previous online classes I’ve taught: 

“Hi Leah, Thank you for an amazing webinar last week. It was very informative and motivating as I want to improve my diet and widen my appetite” S McPherson

“You run an impeccable service which is down to your vast knowledge and professionalism which is second to none. Thank you so much!  I appreciate you and all that you do.” P. Green

“I would like to thank you for the 9 Steps To A Healthy Plant Based Diet event. The information was very practical and really made me think about not only what I eat, but also how I eat. I liked your holistic approach to the event. You covered the nutritional, physical, mental and practical aspects to transitioning as well as the myths regarding a plant based diet. All this together with your lighthearted, non judgemental style of presentation. I really enjoyed this event and would recommend it.” S Brown

“Liked having a handout, a good resource for the future and I felt included, more than I have before, it was very special for me.  Thank for the opportunity of a replay to watch again. much blessings sisters”

“Intelligent and eloquent leader.  I appreciated her warmth and well thought out subject matter, would like to see more of Ms Salmon in future events.”

“Brilliant session this morning. Really enjoyed it. Look forward to future events. ”

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