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Discover what’s happening in your body at a cellular level PLUS what you can do about it naturally, with a Live Blood Analysis Holistic Health Check in The Naturally You Clinic 

So what Is Live Blood Analysis?

Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is a fascinating educational tool. It involves taking a drop of your blood from your finger, placing it under a high power microscope to magnify it 1000 times, giving you the opportunity to see the components of your blood live in front of you at a cellular level. You’ll be able to see your red and white blood cells, platelets and other structures of the blood in their live state, which is truly fascinating.

Your blood in often referred to as the river of life, as it carries life sustaining oxygen to all your cells while removing carbon dioxide, your immune system’s white blood cells travel through the blood and the plasma, which makes up the majority of your blood, carries various things, including fats, proteins, hormones and digested food.

*Please note, this is a fascinating process, but it’s not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition and due to regulations from the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) , I am unable to share any specific health benefits it may offer. 


At your Live Blood Analysis Holistic health Check: 

  • You will complete an initial consultation form so I know more about your current health
  • You’ll have your blood pressure taken (and other measurements if required)
  • A drop of blood will be taken from the side of your finger, which will be mounted onto a microscope
  • The Blood will be magnified and projected onto a screen for you to see
  • You’ll be shown around your blood sample
  • You’ll be given a report of what’s seen
  • You’ll be given diet, supplement & lifestyle recommendations
  • You’ll be able to ask any questions you have


The only thing you need to do to prepare for your appointment is to fast on just water for 4hrs so we get a clearer result.


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