19 Ways To Naturally Shrink Fibroids Course


Discover 19 ways to help shrink fibroids naturally in this 90mins live online interactive talk


***Replay Of Live Online Talk***

Fibroids, fibroids, fibroids!!! So many sisters I know, in fact too many sisters I know have, or have had them.

Black women are 2-3 times more likely to get them than other women and we’re more likely to have them from a younger age, have ones that cause symptoms and that grow larger. The sad reality is that just like period pains, they’ve almost become a common part of life.

But as prevalent as they are, they aren’t normal and no woman should have to deal with the pain and suffering they can cause every month. The most common ways to deal with fibroids is to live with them and hope they go away, which they sometimes do, or go under the knife to get them surgically removed.

But what if you you don’t want to wait or have surgery? There is another way!!!

  • If you have Fibroids that are affecting your quality of life
  • If you are wondering about a holistic approach to managing your condition
  • & If you feel you need more support in dealing with the impact of Fibroids naturally

Access this online course called:

19 Ways To Shrink Fibroids Naturally

This is a replay of a live online event held on Tues 30th Jun 2020, during which I shared: 

  • What are fibroids?
  • How reducing your fibroids can often significantly improve your overall health
  • 19 detailed ways to naturally help shrink your fibroids
  • &  much more

This course comes with a handout and links for resources mentioned during the event.

Any questions? Please visit my contact page or email leah@gracious-lalande.149-255-58-69.plesk.page

Testimonies from live online event: 

“Much appreciation for your invested time and info. All the best” Simone

“Thank you, great webinar-so informative as always :)” Michelle

“Thank you leah you have been amazing” Melanie

“Fantastic webinar Leah!” Candice




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Yes you get a lovely certificate of completion to print out at the end.


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If you aren’t happy with the program for any reason, you can request a full refund within 14 days of purchase.


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Once you buy the program you have access to the whole thing for life, plus any updates made in the future


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Email me at leah(@)thenaturallyyoucoach.com and I’ll help you out asap.


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