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If your body is a temple, your business will be a fortress

Its 7am, the alarm goes off on my iPhone and I do my best to ignore it.


Knowing myself I’ve set 3 more alarms 5 minutes apart until my mind realises the importance of what I’m trying to do. Stay balanced. The night before I’d set out my running gear so I had no excuse. My goal today was do hill sprints, 10 of them in the fields behind my house.

I had a difficult conference call to do at 8.45am so I couldn’t afford to hang about. Running shoes on, wireless headphones charged, playlist at the ready and I was on my way. Training in an environment where there’s nothing but fields as far as the eye can see is spectacular.


During my rest periods I would look out across the horizon and a funny thing would happen. Problems that I struggled to solve the day before all of a sudden became clear. It’s almost as if not thinking about the problem allowed my mind to go away and find the answer. So this balance I’m trying to create in reality not only has a health benefit but also a commercial one!


Who would have thought? But it’s only until you indulge in the practices, which we’re told that would make us more effective that we actually believe it.


All done whilst fending off man’s best friend a few times, who according to their owners “…just want to play…”- Little do they know I’m not playing!!!


On the jog back to the house, it happens again? No, I don’t solve a problem but I come up with a wicked idea to promote my new book!


Two for the price of one!  I’m liking this like a Facebook button.


As I get back home I have a smoothie waiting for me, but not any old smoothie, I’m talking about a green smoothie, spinach, banana, hemp powder, apple juice and coconut. I know the spinach would have made you pull a ‘hell no’ face but the banana makes it taste good, trust me on this. I grab a shower and race down into the office in time for my difficult conference call.


The feel good hormones flying around my body and the lift my green smoothie just gave me meant it no longer looked ‘difficult’ because my mind was clear and settled –  ready for anything the day had to throw at me.



By Julian Hall The Ultrapreneur

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