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How To Make Irish Moss Gel

Irish moss smoothies have become a daily treat for us (as long as I blend it properly and we’re not faced with lumps of it in our cups :-). There are some many uses and health benefits from this superfood of the sea, which I’ll go into more in a future post, but for now, this is a quick video to show you how to actually make Irish moss gel at home, that you can then easily use in your smoothies, puddings, ice creams and more.


Here’s how you make Irish moss gel 🙂

1. Soak the dry moss in plenty of water for 4-24hrs then rinse 3-4 times

2. Then drain and boil in twice as much water for 5 mins and then simmer for 10mins (so if you have 2 cups of soaked moss boil it in 4 cups of water).

3. Once cooled, blend everything in the pan into a thick smooth liquid.

4. Pour into a glass jar and once cooled in the fridge you’ll have a thick Irish moss gel.

5. You can blend this gel with coconut milk, linseed (flaxseed), mixed spice, banana (plus a sweetener like honey or maple syrup) into a yummy smoothie.

how to make irish moss gel

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  1. Jo Richards

    My jar or Irish Moss is running low. I love Irish moss smoothies. A great way for Iodine intake. Also delicious when sweetened with dates and nutmeg.

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