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Greetings Natural Heath & Wellness seeker, 


Can I ask…

  • Do you want to boost your health and life naturally and reverse illness and disease that plagues your body?

  • Have you tried so many diets that you can’t even count?

  • Have you lost money on programs that promise the word but deliver very little?

  • Are you tired of coming back from the doctors with prescriptions and drugs but no real answer to your health complaints?

  • Are you struggling to find the time, money, energy, motivation and the right plan to make holistic healthy changes to your life?

  • Don’t you just wish you could just know EXACTLY the right foods your body needs and Exactly how to achieve your life and health goals, naturally and holistically?

Well if you answered YES to any of the above, then you’re in the right place and I’m here to help.



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Let me take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Leah Salmon The Naturally You Coach, I’m:

A bestselling author of 6 books on natural health, raw foods, children’s health, personal development and healthy living.

A speaker & workshop facilitator.

A natural health and wellness expert, with group and private 1-2-1 coaching programs for the past 10 years

A raw food coach and teacher.

A homeschooling mother of 6 children & wife to 1.

Editor of The Naturally You Magazine & Founder of The Naturally You Day.

& Dedicated to helping YOU become Naturally YOU!!!

Over the past 10yrs, I’ve helped 100’s of people naturally boost their life and health and no matter what health challenge of complaint people come to me with, I’ve noticed that the BEST results come from working to improve your HOLISTIC HEALTH and never just the symptoms.



So I Have Created A Powerful Holistic & Customised 7 Step Program To Re Engerise Your Foods, Fitness & Mindset, Control Your Weight, Boost Your Energy, Curb Your Cravings, Detox Your Mind & Body & Achieve Your Life Goals, Naturally and it’s called…


healthy eating plan


 Prices start from just £189 per month – Email Leah@gracious-lalande.149-255-58-69.plesk.page for an application form and prices


Do you have ANY of these common foods challenges?


You eat bread, rice, oats or other grains everyday and you don’t know what you’d do without them

You think because they are whole grains or gluten free it’s ok to eat them all the time

You are hooked on cheese, milk and other dairy

You are a vegetarian, but you eat soya all the time

You are a vegetarian/vegan but you secretly crave meat and feel unsatisfied

You are a vegetarian/vegan and you can’t lose weight and are regularly ill, have a cold or infection

You fall asleep after a high protein high fat meal

You’ve tried raw food but you always feel stuffed, starving or unsatisfied

Almost everything you eat has sugar in it and you accept this as normal and unavoidable

You smoke and have tried to quit but can’t

You use alcohol, junk food, chocolate or cigarettes as a stress reliever


It doesn’t have to be like this for you, I have helped so many people kick their health destroying food habits to the curb and live rich fulfilling lives on delicious whole foods with The Naturally You Holistic Elevation Program



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holistic health program


Do you have any of these common health conditions that you’ve lived with TOO LONG because you don’t know how to get rid of them and pills and creams haven’t helped or even made them worse?


Excess Weight Gain or Loss

Digestive problems like constipation, diarrhoea or bloating

Skin conditions like eczema,psoriasis, dry irritable skin patches in various places

Fungal/bacterial infections & overgrowths like candida/thrush, athletes foot, cold sores

Dandruff and dry itchy flaky scalp (even after washing and oiling)

Regular headaches

Extreme tiredness

Regular colds, flus and chest infections

Painful, heavy, moody menstrual cycles

Autoimmune conditions (depression, arthritis, alopecia, Crohns disease, etc)




Remember you’re body can heal itself if you give it the right conditions and fuel.  I’ve helped people change their diet and lifestyle to manage and relieve their symptoms and conditions using The Naturally You Holistic Elevation Program


holistic health program


 Have you ever had these negative beliefs when thinking about starting a new program and making positive steps to improve your life & health?



I can’t stick to diets, they never work

I’m always going to smoke, I’m too weak to stop

I can’t avoid sugar, bread, rice, grains, I NEED them

I can’t do anything until I have coffee in the mornings

I NEED a drink in the evenings when everyone’s gone to bed to steady my nerves

I’m not special, I’m just ordinary

My family won’t like healthy foods or eat them

People will make fun of me if I start a diet or exercise program

I have better things to spend time and money on than my health


Negative Beliefs about what we can or can’t do lead to negative results. Don’t kill your chances of success by holding onto these thoughts.  Also remember that the proof is in the pudding, you won’t know if it works until you complete The Naturally You Holistic Elevation Program yourself.


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holistic health program



So let me introduce you to The Naturally You Holistic Elevation Program: 


healthy eating plan

This is a 7 step program that can be completed in 14 weeks (covering one step every 2 weeks) or more in depth over 28 weeks (covering one step every 4 weeks).

The 7 steps in this program are:


Step 1 – Boost Your Beliefs – The first and most critical step we’ll take is to rid you of any negative beliefs you currently hold (even if they are completely subconscious) or the energy of any past experiences that could sabotage your journey, so that you have nothing stopping you succeeding in everything we work on after this point. We’ll also take a moment to ascertain where you are currently in life.

Step 2 – Nourish & Fuel – Using a proven scientific system of dietary evaluation called Metabolic Typing, we’ll use an in depth questionnaire to discover the exact balance of nutrients that suit your body chemistry at this time. We’ll then create  a meal plan to suit your specific needs and tweak and fine tune it over the weeks until it suits you to a T, giving you energy, mental clarity and much more.

Step 3 – Pre Flight Checks – At this point we’ll do some evaluations to more fully ascertain your current level of health and where you are in your life. This will involve diagnostic procedure to identify health challenges and life blockages.

Step 4 – Health & Life Goals – Using the very important information gathered in the last step, we can now create health and life goals that take into account your exact current health and life needs and we’ll make plans to start attaining those goals.

Step 5 – Breath, Stretch, Energise – With all the energy and focus gained from the previous steps, we can now begin to stretch, exercise and energies your body fully with a fitness routine that’s manageable yet challenging for you.


Step 6 – Total Body Detox – Your change in diet will have nourished you greatly, which will have also stimulated and energised your organs of elimination, so now would be the best time to embark on a cleanse, detox and even a mini fast, all fully supported and monitored to ensure great success and the benefits of feeling more energised, lighters, cleaner and clearer.

Step 7 – Holistic Elevation Game Plan – This is the time to take stock of every thing you’ve done over the program and begin to put it all into a game plan to use after the program, to keep you focused on your goals and primed to create new even more  amazing ones.



Once you’ve gone through these 7 steps you should have

  • More energy

  • More enjoyment of delicious foods

  • More jumping out of bed in the morning

  • More life goals being worked on

  • More movement and exercise

  • More time to relax

  • More quality sleep

  • More smiles and positive thoughts of the future

  • Less cravings junk foods

  • Less addiction to cigarettes and alcohol

  • Less rashes, spots and skin eruptions

  • Less bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhoea

  • Less colds, flus, infections

  • Less headaches

  • Less self hating thoughts

  • Less thoughts of failing

  • Less general aches & pains

  • Less prescription medicine

  • Less visits to the doctors

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“Ok Leah, it all sounds great and I am ready to control my weight, boost my energy, curb my cravings, detox my mind and body to achieve my life & health goals Naturally. How does it work & how do I get started?”

Let’s take a closer look at  what happens during The Naturally You Holistic Elevation Program

  1. Firstly, decide whether you want the 14 or more in depth 28 week program, then use one the easy payment options below to book your program.

  2. Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive a welcome pack with all the information you need for the program, including access codes to access some online training courses.

  3. I’ll also be in touch to arrange our call days and times over the 14 or 28 weeks.

  4. Over the 14 or 28 weeks we work together, you’ll receive 20 – 30mins weekly calls to go through the steps, offer feedback and support, answer any questions you have and get your ready for your next steps.

  5. You’ll receive full email and WhatsApp support throughout the program and additional calls can be arranged if extra support is required between calls.

  6. Finally, you get to enjoy the benefits of the program, even before you’ve finished it, including feeling more energised, more comfortable around food and feeling positive about your future life and health.


Who is The Naturally You Holistic Elevation Program Right For?

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You are happy to try new foods, drinks and ideas that support your growth

  • You are ready to take your life and health to the next level

  • You are happy to do things differently to get better and more powerful results than you have been

  • You understand quick results are possible, but lasting changes can take time

  • You are willing to put in the work and take advice given to you with care and concern

  • You are ready to challenge yourself and be challenged

  • You are know that you may need to cry it out, shout it out or write it out to make a breakthrough

  • You are willing to sacrifice and exercise discipline for just a short time to achieve the elevation you seek

  • You are willing to be honest with me about your successes and challenges throughout our time together so I can help you most effectively


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Who Is This Program NOT right for?

This program is not for you if

  • You have your own way of doing things that you aren’t willing to change

  • You don’t like being given advice

  • You feel you know all there is to know about healthy eating, natural living and personal development

  • You don’t want to make the time to show up and do the work to improve your situation every week



Still wondering if you want to make this investment in yourself?


I Give You My Personal Life Changing, 100% Satisfaction
Risk Free Guarantee!!


I don’t want you to leave this page until you’ve made the commitment to YOURSELF to change your life …FOREVER  and I hope by offering you a money back guarantee, it’ll seal the deal

I’m so confident that this program can dramatically change your life in so many ways that I want to offer you my personal, iron clad, satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t see any improvements in your life and health after implementing my program, including ALL the advice, information, recommended products ad and coaching tips, I will not only let you leave the program without having to pay anything extra

I’ll PERSONALLY give you your money back from my own pocket.


Ok, so what do I get with this program?

holistic health program

The 28 week program also comes with free admission to selected talks, programs & workshops I’m at and all online courses and free copies of new books release during the time we work together. 



 Prices start from just £189 per month – Email Leah@gracious-lalande.149-255-58-69.plesk.page for an application form and prices



Limited spaces open each month – Apply Now To Avoid Disappointment

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What’s the main difference between the 14 and 28 week program?

You’ll be taken through the same 7 steps in both program, but if you want more long term and in depth support, the 28 week program is best for you.

During the 28 week program, we’ll spend 4 weeks on each steps instead of 2 weeks in the 14 week program, which will allow us to got deeper and get more lasting results. There will therefore be things that won’t be included in the 14 week program that we will have time to include in the 28 week program.

Both programs come with a lot of support and they’ve both created lasting and powerful changes in those who have done them, so the choice is yours.


holistic health program


If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always gotten
.  So is now your time to CHANGE, EVOLVE & ELEVATE?

Your time for change is NOW. I’m looking forward to helping YOU receive the keys to HEALTH, HAPPINESS and the FREEDOM you’ve been craving in your life!

Take Care, Stay Healthy and I look forward to speaking to you soon


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Leah Salmon

The Naturally You Coach


P.S. If you have any further questions or just want to touch bases with me before you sign up, feel free to contact me at leah@gracious-lalande.149-255-58-69.plesk.page]


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