Becoming Vegan Or Vegetarian In 9 Simple Steps

Becoming Vegan Or Vegetarian In 9 Simple Steps

Since becoming vegan in March this year, I’ve had lots of people ask me for tips on giving up animal products. It seems many people, for many reasons, want to remove animal products from their diets, but just don’t know how to or where to get started. So here are 9 simple steps you can take starting today to go vegetarian or vegan.



Becoming Vegan or Vegetarian In 9 Simple Steps

  1. List all the vegan or vegetarian foods you CAN eat and already like, from individual ingredients (apple, avocados, almonds etc) to actual meals that you already enjoy.
  2. Stop buying animal products – Whether you’re grabbing a snack, having a quick bite for lunch or buying groceries for the week, make a point of not buying anymore animal products.
  3. Eat or give away any remaining animal products still in your house – You don’t need to bin the contents of your fridge right away, unless you have big reactions to certain foods, just eat whatever you have left in your fridge or give them to someone who does eat them if you really want to stop right now.
  4. Make a meal plan of exactly what you’ll eat for 5 days, for breakfast lunch and dinner which are all vegan or vegetarian.
  5. Go shopping and refill your kitchen will all the ingredients you need t make everything on the meal plan.
  6. Discover your Metabolic Type, which is your uniques requirement for nutrients, so that you can start to eat foods that work best for your body type, leaving you feeling more energised and fuller for longer.
  7. Plan what you’ll eat when you go to family occasions, restaurants and events – THIS is where things normally fall apart when it comes to becoming vegan or vegetarian, the familiar family party foods all laid out looking yummy can be difficult to avoid if you aren’t really prepared for them.
  8. Don’t fall into the trap of becoming a junk food vegetarian – Aim to make your diet comprise of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds, soaked grains, seaweeds etc, rather than white pasta, white rice, white wheat flour and all the highly processed soya meat replacements and expensive snack bars.
  9. Be patient with yourself – It’s ok to have off days, it’s ok to forget and eat some food you’re trying to avoid, it’s ok to have strong cravings you give in to once in a while, it’s ok to eat the best you can when you haven’t had a chance to make a plan once in a while. Do the best you can as often as you can and soon it’ll all become second nature.


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