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Check out FTUK – The UK's newest glossy full colour black fitness magazine, with articles on fitness, health, sports and nutrition. BUY NOW


FTUK Magazine Is The UK’s newest health and fitness magazine & it’s available with FREE SHIPPING (until 31st Jan 2017) from The Naturally You Coach Store NOW !!!


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I’ve been in the natural health and wellness game for over 13 years and in that time I’ve seen my fair share of health and fitness magazines.

To be honest, it began to feel like if I’d seen one i’d seen them all.

And then came FTUK

Now I saw the online noise that was made when the magazine launched and I dragged my feet a bit when it came to getting a copy, as I wasn’t in a rush to buy ANOTHER magazine to sit on the shelves unread, but I’m so glad I finally got a copy.

FTUK Magazine is different from 90% of A4 glossy fitness magazines out there because:


1. The articles cover topics you don’t normally find in fitness magazines
2. I personally know and can vouch for the credibility of many of the experts featured
3. Most of the experts featured are from the UK black community


But it has everything else that you would expect from a good health and fitness magazine.


FTUK Magazine by Fitness Trainer UK, has articles on:


  • Fitness Trainer Focus – Top Tips from Top Trainers
  • What Makes a Good Fitness Trainer?
  • SuperFoods – for a Super Body
  • Fit in 5 – Five minutes is all it takes
  • Raw Power – The Benefits of Raw Food for Fitness
  • The Art of Tai Chi – Learn How To Move in Harmony
  • Gym and Juice – Snoop Knows Fitness
  • HardBody Iron Gym – This is no walk in the park


Inside, you’ll also:


  • Get fitness tips from fitness professional
  • Learn how to exercise with no gym necessary
  • Read about the benefits of a Raw Vegan diet
  • Discover current stats on Obesity and Body Pain
  • Learn about the Art of Tai Chi
  • Great nutritional info about Spirulina.
  • Plus, articles on up and coming Sport Stars


Julian Hall of Ultra Education & FTUK Marketing Manager!!!


Now, as The Naturally You Coach!!!! it’s my job to help YOU become nourished and fulfilled on EVERY level, which includes your fitness, so it was only right that I made sure you have access to the best fitness magazine around.


So now, you can buy yourself a copy of Issue 1 of FTUK Magazine – From Fitness Trainer UK here with FREE shipping TODAY!!!



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Get your copy of this great magazine today for just £3.99 & free shipping!!!





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